The Afro Chi Sun Shu technique has been used for eternally around the globe. Shamans, healers, and priests used this in ritual dancing, have maintain methods as Afro Chi as a perpetual self healing curative module, a stimulate to maintain health as a curative method towards wellness. With regular practice, practitioners find beneficial relief as this opens internal metu and chakra channels, stimulates muscles, nerves and joint movement to keep agile and flexible. It also corrects breathing to help cleanse the lungs and lymphatic's removing waste and toxins. All of this occurs in uni-sense with passive stretches in rhythm connecting breathing with movement to enhance the mind and body experience...


You are what you eat form your head to your feet...lend purpose to facilitating optimal nutrition. Our program re-enforces good internal flora with the understanding of essential nutrients. The Cocoa Lady provides personal and group nutrition orientations. Feel free to use the appointment link to schedule. Please visit Relaxation Alchemy regarding healthy herbs juicing, spices and more.

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