Cocoa Lady Enterprises can proudly bring to you an array of inspiring products to ensure great profits for your organization. At no cost to you, we provide brochures with a wide selection of exclusive products. The Cocoa Lady collection has developed from the collaboration with Afro Man Kids Space. This is currently a global resource for children and their families. Offerings include items to stimulate, motivate, educate & relax.

fundraising catalog

Your fundraiser is custom designed to include as many or as few items as you like. Brochures with product listings are specific to meet your organization’s service goal to ensure your fundraiser’s success. There are no up-front costs!

Our brochure catalogs offer everything from gourmet food, cocoa, chocolates, popcorn, holiday gifts, seasonal items, flower bulbs, candles, sporting goods, jewelry, and specialty items. Locating specialty items is our goal!

Cocoa Lady Fundraising Programs are easy to run. We provide everything to get started and to run your successful fundraising sale (this includes free fundraising brochures and descriptions and informational kits). You collect your money when you take the order. At the end of your sale, you keep your profit & send in your orders with the % due for products to Cocoa Lady in a registered check or by PayPal. Your fundraiser includes a complimentary consultation with an experienced representative, who will assist you every step of your fundraising journey, including tracking and shipping.

For more details on our fundraising project, send Cocoa Lady an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .