Welcome to Cocoa Lady's

"In A World Of Chocolate" ©

Here you can expect fun and surprises for all ages.

Come along and transport with us, as we travel on

A Journey to Relaxation ©,

listen and learn about Afro Chi Sun Shu, and techniques

for self healing, rejuvenation, and motivation.


Afro Chi Sun Shu is a technique used around the globe 

by many practitioners. The Cocoa Lady shares practices

and helpful advise to improve health and lifestyles for life.

         Our Tasting Events:

We bring our caravan to your group for gourment

chocolate tasting events with oodles of yummy

global samples, to taste compare and understand

ingredients. Learn the origins of cocoa pods

and how they get to our tables, then sway to the

rhythm of the beat with the

"Cocoa Dance Salutation to the Sun," 

fun for and excitement for all ages!

For more information feel free to contact

at any time.